Recent News

We initiated a new member on 7th February 2018, and carried out a third degree ceremony on 7th March 2018.

On 4th April 2018, another short formal meeting was followed by a talk on help for the elderly and the work of the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.

Second degree ceremonies followed on 3rd May 2018 and 6th June 2018, the latter on behalf of Concord Lodge.

On 3rd October 2018, Steve Walters installed Duncan Fryer into the chair of King Solomon. We received 20 visiting Brethren in addition to the Representative of the Provincial Grand Master and his Director of Ceremonies.

On 7th November 2018, we again carried out another second degree ceremony on behalf of Concord Lodge.

On 5th December 2018, the scheduled ceremony had to be postponed but, in its place, we received an explanation of the First Degree ceremony.

Our programme for 2019 starts on 6th February with a third degree ceremony.
Any Freemason is welcome to attend any of these meetings. We have frequent visits from members of Lodges elsewhere in England and Scotland, and have even welcomed Brethren from Australia in recent times.

Other events during the year included visits to other Lodges, including Rangoon and Ormond-Iles Lodge in London, the Annual Provincial meeting in York and the annual Provincial visit to the June meeting of Grand Lodge in London – this has become a regular event, with a delegation of over 100 members from our Province again forming the largest visiting contingent.

Sadly, we lost a number of people close to us over the past year.

Brother Oliver Alfred Robinson, who joined Mitre Lodge in 1992, passed on to The Grand Lodge Above on 14th April, at the age of 82. His funeral, attended by over 200 friends and family, was held at Selby Abbey on Tuesday 24th April. Alfie, as he was known, was a dedicated family man and we extend our sympathy to Jane and their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Alfie was a regular attendee at Lodge and, although he never wished to attain office, he took part in the ceremonies when his son-in-law joined Mitre Lodge. Alfie and Jane were enthusiastic supporters of Lodge functions and were always happy to dance together until ill health prevented their attendance. Their daughter, Lona, mentioned that her Dad kept a drawer full of Lodge correspondence because the friendship meant so much to him. He still sent his best wishes and apologies for absence even when it was apparent that he would no longer be able to attend.

On 18th June, Worshipful Brother Geoffrey Quinn died in York Hospital, at the age of 74. Geoff grew up in York but later moved to Leeds, where he was initiated into, and later became Master of, Liberty Lodge. He also spent some time in Ireland, looking after a country estate before retiring to the York area. He joined Mitre Lodge in 2015 and was installed as our Senior Warden on 2017, but illness prevented him from continuing. His daughter, Victoria, reminded us that he always enjoyed the friendship of the Lodge and a number of members turned out to pay their respects at this funeral.

We also said goodbye to Beryl Benson, widow of John Benson, who had been both Master and Secretary of Mitre Lodge, and to Hilda, wife of our former Master John Skeldon. Both Beryl and Hilda had been ill for some time.

Our Lodge Almoner, David Marsh, has been busy liaising with members and families, and was helping to arrange for Geoff Quinn for go into a care home. David has been successful in arranging a place at Connaught Court, the Masonic care home in Fulford, for the widow of another Mitre member.

As a part of the Anniversary Celebrations being carried out to mark 300 years of the United Grand Lodge of England and 200 years of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Yorkshire, North and East Ridings, Masonic Halls throughout the Province were open to the public on 24th June 2017.

Members of the various Lodges meeting at St Saviourgate –as well as those at Castlegate House and Duncombe Place Masonic Halls – were on hand to show visitors round and answer questions. This was the perfect opportunity to show what Freemasonry is really about and dispel a few myths, and a large number of members of the public (including the Lord Mayor of York, albeit off duty!) attended.

In view of the success of the 2017 open day, the Provincial Grand Master expressed the hope that more open days will be held in future. So, as a part of Radio York’s Cake and a Cuppa event on Yorkshire Day, 1st August 2018, we arranged for St Saviourgate Masonic Hall to be open to the public. Cake and a Cuppa is very much a social event, which helps to combat loneliness and encourages people to meet for tea, cake and a chat. Several members of the public attended on order to enjoy the opportunity to see inside a Masonic Hall and find out for themselves what Freemasonry is all about.