The new Mitre masonic year starts on 5 October 2022, after our summer recess. This will be the occasion of our Installation meeting, when our current Worshipful Master, Robert Ward, will install Steve Coupland into the chair of King Solomon. This will be the first time that Steve has served as the Mitre Worshipful Master, he has previously been the Worshipful Master of his mother lodge, Rangoon and Ormond-Iles Lodge No 1268 in London.
The masonic year will continue with different activities, including a third degree raising ceremony.
Other events during the year will include visits to other Lodges, including our regular visits to Rangoon and Ormond-Iles Lodge, where our Junior Warden is presently the Worshipful Master.
Any freemason is welcome to attend any of our meetings. We have frequent visits from members of lodges located elsewhere in England and Scotland. We have welcomed brethren from around the world in recent times.

Sadly, we lost a number of people close to us over the past two years.

Ross Anderson (14 June 1951 – 2 January 2022) was an Old Boy of the School. Professionally he was a cost account, latterly working for the Ogden Group. Ross was initiated into Mitre on 2 May 2001. He took up hockey at the school and played for York Trojans and City of York Hockey Club for a number of years. Ross graduated from the ranks of players to become a neutral umpire, and before his health deteriorated had been involved in the training and assessment of hockey umpires on behalf of England Hockey. Ross was a larger than life character with a quiet, very dry sense of humour that enabled him to make friends wherever he went.

Dick Edmond (30 August 1930 – 21 May 2020) was an Old Boy of the School, and was initiated into Mitre on 3 February 1965. Dick joined his family garage business and was a Rootes group apprentice (Hillman/Sunbeam). Dick rallied a Sunbeam Alpine across Europe in the 1950’s against the likes of Stirling Moss. He later joined the National Farmers’ Union insurance company as an accident damage assessor. Moving away to Warwick, he joined The Swan of Avon Lodge No. 2133 Stratford-upon-Avon, in the Province of Warwickshire. Coming back to York and Mitre Lodge, Dick was the Master of Mitre Lodge from 1980-81. Dick’s beloved wife Yvonne sadly passed away on 7 June 2022, aged 89 years.

Derek Fulford (11 August 1940 – 18 October 2020) was initiated 8 November 1972 into Ockenden Lodge No. 1465, Haywards Heath, in the Province of Sussex. He became a Joining member of Mitre Lodge in 2011, and saw his son, Richard, initiated into Mitre Lodge during the same year. Derek, who came from Bristol and was a diehard Great Western Railway fan, was a teacher and then a schools inspector in East Yorkshire. He lived in Pocklington, and was an excellent raconteur. Derek had never been through the chair or taken office, but enjoyed the fraternal side of masonry.

Tony Pearson (12 July 1929 – 11 April 2021) was initiated 7 March 1961 into St Cuthbert Lodge No. 3417 Darlington, in the Province of Durham. A Joining member of Mitre Lodge on 2 November 1983, Tony was the Mitre WM from 1991-92. He worked for British Rail and was an excellent singer who often delivered the Master’s song. Tony had achieved 60 years in Masonry on 7 March 2021, just before he passed to the Grand Lodge Above.

We also lost Yvonne Ward, the wife of our current Master, in April 2020 and Mary Mitchell, the widow of a former Master, Bill Mitchell, shortly afterwards.

Our Lodge Almoner, David Marsh, has been busy liaising with members and families, and has helped to arrange for Ross Anderson to move into Connaught Court, the Masonic care home in Fulford. David has been active in obtaining additional funding from the Province of Yorkshire North and East Ridings for the non-masonic charities which we have supported. He was also instrumental in obtaining support from the Masonic Charitable Foundation for the grandson of our late Brother, Geoff Quinn, and he continues to ensure that members and widows re looked after where necessary.

One of the former Provincial Grand Masters of our Province, John Malcolm Raylor, said that there should be three ’Fs’ in Freemasonry – Family, Fellowship and Fun – and this is a cause we have embraced enthusiastically.

We usually enjoy a number of activities throughout the year, although these have necessarily been cancelled or curtailed during the Covid emergency.

All of these events are open to members, their friends and families, the widows of the Lodge and prospective members. You don’t have to be a Mason to attend! Indeed, several members (and their wives) had their first introduction to Mitre Lodge at a social event before joining.
More events are planned for 2022.